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The Costa Blanca is one of the best climate zones of this planet, a region where the Mediterranean charm remains intact. It is really correct to speak about “el autentico Mediterraneo” when we are thinking of one the nicest communities at the Costa BlancaTeulada – Moraira. It is directly located at the Mediterranean. The small village has succeeded in preserving its originality despite the tourism.

Moraira is embedded between mountains and ocean where you find a healthy climate with an annual average temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. 300 days of sunshine together with the shielding mountains to the north shape the climate.


Climate Diagram Moraira (2015)                                      

Climate Table Moraira (2015)

Depending on the meteorological situation the temperatures can be 5-15 °C higher or lower!

The water temperatures vary between 14 °C (Feb) and 28 °C (Aug).
The average number of days with precipitation is 45 with an average annual precipitation of 328 mm.

The average daily sunshine in hours varies between 5.8 (Jan), 11.6 (Jul) and 5.7 (Dec).

Thus, Moraira is one of the sunniest, driest and in all months, temperature-wise, favoured places along the whole Mediterranean coast. The consistently mild climate along the Costa Blanca is ideal for rheumatics and especially for elderly people with respiratory diseases or arthritis.

Therefore it is no wonder that many seniors pass the winter months at the Costa Blanca.

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